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Welcome to my new house.
An analogy for the less-tech savy:

I have built a house, a home on the web. My house was built from the ground up. To construct the walls, floors, rooms and underlying structure I used (xhtml) markup, the architecture of the web. I wanted a modern house so I stayed away from the classic table based layout and chose to use the compliant standards based design. Then I consulted the internet town hall (W3C) and made sure that my structure was valid. They approved each room with its own underlying framework.

Next I decorated my home. I used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to paint and cover the walls, I stained the wood and rounded the corners, but alas I was not satisfied. As an ambitious designer I wanted to give more choices of decor to my viewers. These are the styles you see above the header. Please click on these to change the look of the rooms; it is as important if not more so then the actual paintings which adorn the walls. Through this Dear Viewer you will see the power of CSS and how I wield it.

The pictures on the walls and the movies on the TV are what you would call my true portfolio. Feel free to view as many as you like, they are in no order of importance as each represent a chunk of time, execution and imagination. Finally I used valid JavaScript to provide the hidden interactivity and search engine optimization (SEO) so that more people will visit.
Thanks for Visiting.
- B.