Welcome to SkySentry Limited Liability Company!

SkySentry LLC is a Veteran Owned, Small Business formed to investigate, develop, and operate High Altitude Airships (HAAs) for military applications.  The Company operates independently and in teaming arrangements with other corporations on projects, which may be highly classified. 

SkySentry’s affiliate, SkySpectrum LLC, has the capacity to enter business relationships with domestic and foreign commercial and civil entities on unclassified ventures.  (See the SkySpectrum page.)  Incorporated in Delaware, the Company’s headquarters is in Longboat Key, Florida.  SkySentry also has operating locations in Keedysville, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Company has Government certified accounting and security systems in place.

SkySentry has several lines of business, all centered on HAA-related concepts.  Company leadership completed numerous Government and corporately chartered mission and technology study contracts relating to the airship.  These studies explored use of the airship for missions varying from ballistic and cruise missile defense to border surveillance and long-haul communications. (See the Contracts page.)

The Company currently provides technical support expertise, including senior mentor consulting, to various customers on military matters and Near Space operational and technical concepts. 

SkySentry is establishing a Near Space Center of Excellence (NSCE).  The NSCE will have modeling and simulation capability to predict vehicle, payload, and multiple vehicle architecture performance, as well as visualization displays.  In 2005, the Company embarked on a multi-year MDA contract to use its modeling and simulation capability to enhance the Benchmark simulation within the Ballistic Missile Defense System.

SkySentry is currently providing scientific, engineering and technical assistance to the U.S. Army on Near Space operational concepts.  The company’s executives have presented numerous technical and conceptual talks to domestic and international audiences on airship applications. Much of the Company’s non-government work includes exploring enabling technologies for future HAAs and complementary payloads for future applications.

Company leadership has a teaming arrangement with Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors, Akron, Ohio for development and marketing of airships.  SkySentry also has separate agreements as part of Team Lockheed Martin to provide technical services and management consultation.   Team Lockheed Martin started detailed planning and design of a prototype Airship in September 2003, with a current projected flight date in 2009.  The Missile Defense Agency is managing this HAA developmental program, which was transformed from an Advanced Concept and Technology Demonstration in 2005.